Posted by: arisfil | February 24, 2008

Newly codified CNS neoplasms: Invited Lecture

 Pyramids Encephalos Invited Lectures, Volume 1, Issue 1, Feb 2008

The Invited Lectures initiative has started its trip to the fields of knowledge distribution. The first station is Egypt…

Our first invited speaker, Professor Mohamed Mohi Eldin of Neurosurgery at the University of Cairo introduces us to the discovery of newly coded CNS neoplasms through the 4th Edition of the WHO classification of tumors of the nervous system. This is a great work accomplished with the precious collaboration of Professor Matthias Preusser at the Institute of Neurology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Neoplasms under the definition of “Angiocentric glioma”, “Pituicytoma” and other seem to have gain the access to the 2007 WHO classification.


Please read the attached 6MB PDF file, and feel free to contribute.

This presentation is under the copyright of Prof. M. Mohi Eldin (Who Is Who)

Mohamed Mohi Eldin. “Newly codified CNS neoplasms”. Encephalos Invited LecturesVolume 1, Issue 1, Feb 2008

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