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Things have changed since the diagnosis of a possible optic nerve glioma was made with the demonstration of widening of an optic foramen in a skull x-ray. Todays biomedical imaging has reached the years of evolution of 3D rendered high resolution graphics. You can see the lesion, you can interact with the lesion in every plane and a last you can construct a strategy to approach it, avoiding noble tissues like vessels and functional areas.

OsiriX is a free open-source software that brings high-quality resolution, 3D rendered medical imaging to our doorstep. This is just a notification that quality and functionality can be approached not only through specialized experimental proceedings and labs. We can have access to the view we like concerning the brain and other tissues. We can see the problem and attack it.

The OsiriX project started in 2004 when Dr. Antoine Rosset joined the lab of Professor Ratib at UCLA for a research fellowship. Dr. Ratib was the vice chair of the depart- ment of radiology in charge of information technology and deployment of imaging informatics.

OsiriX PortfolioOsiriX homepage


image ©2005 Fovia, Inc 

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