Posted by: arisfil | March 16, 2008

Mind controls movement


What if your brain activated regions that could be translated in motion ? What if your brain could initiate a movement without moving your disabled limbs ? What if you could move a wheelchair with your mind ? 

This is not science fiction. This is current neuroscience and you can see and touch its utilization in practice. This is the neuroscience field that MAIA (Mental Augmentation through Determination of Intended Action) has evolved through scientific research.

MAIA aims at developing non-invasive prosthesis. In particular, a brain-computer interface recognizes the subject’s voluntary intent to do primitive motor actions on the order of milliseconds and conveys this intention to a robot that implements the necessary low-level details for achieving complex tasks.

MAIA is an example of applied neuroscience.  This initiative evolved the quality of life in the subgroup of persons with disabilities. Spine injury and its consequences are met in thousands of people suffering. This is an intitiative that European Union funds in order to help people with movement disabilities.


MAIA homepage

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