Posted by: arisfil | March 31, 2008

Hackers attacked epileptics

Matrix  image from The Matrix © movie – hacking view 

It is unbelievable! This is a show of ruthless behavior of a hacking group against the nonprofit Epilepsy Foundation forum. In March 29th, hackers utilized an automatic script in order to flood the posts of Epilepsy Foundation with specially designed images that demonstrated altered luminance and image patterns capable of eliciting an epileptic episode in individuals that belong to the photosensitive epilepsy group! After 12h the administrators of the forum managed to clear the website. Various testimonials are described by patients visiting this forum during the hackers’ attack. One lady reported that she experienced absence epileptic episodes accompanied by ocular upward gaze rotation. Others report the sudden start of headaches and hallucinations!

This is an attack from a hackers’ group that it was quite canny and targeted a sensitive group of population. Photosensitive epilepsy accounts for about 3% of epilepsies and surely the attacker targeted these people. This action is far from a hacker’s philosophy for free, unrestricted knowledge for all and should be criticized fiercely.  


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