Posted by: arisfil | May 30, 2008

Robotic neurosurgery, a giant step



The 12th of May is a day that Neurosurgery has to remember.

    The first ever robotic microneurosurgical tumor excision guided by intraoperative imaging is a reality! This is a giant step introduced to the specialty of neurosurgery by Dr. Sutherland and his team in University of Calgary, Canada. In the past, various robotic approaches were introduced but they applied stereotactic biopsy techniques. Dr Sutherland’s team used neuroArm (presented in our blog in the past), a robot using image-guiding techniques and utilizing force feedback in neurosurgeon’s hands in order to represent the parameters and the “feeling” of the operative field.

   Paige Nickason, 21, is the first human operated by a microneurosurgical, image guided robot. The neurosurgical scientific community salutes this step. Prof. Peter Black, PhD, Franc D. Ingraham professor of neurosurgery at  Harvard Medical School, a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive, image guided neurosurgery,  encourages the adoption of this approach from other centers in his announcement.

Official announcement



The vision of innovation leads the touch of neurosurgical reality in fields that the human mind “touched” first  and the neurosurgeon’s hands used afterwards. There is a lot of brilliant thought in Neurosciences and now innovation is not science fiction, it is reality…


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